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name author date sys size file
CodePressor V1.02, Pervect's great packer for small code Topix 2001/09 ARC 118k get
BigBrother V2.00, displays debugging info etc. in mouse pointer Icebird 2000/09 RPC 22k get  info
Medit V1.00, RiscPC memory editor by eRdgEiSt, RO3.7 fixed Icebird 2000/09 RPC 16k get  info
npk V0.01, ARM code compressor for small (<1k) programs ARM'sTech 2000/07 ARC 6k get
CodePressor V0.03, ARM code compressor Topix 2000/06 ARC 11k get  info
ExtBas V2.01b, BASIC patch for ARM6/SA/FPA opcodes Darren Salt 2000/06 ARC 37k get  info
Medit prerelease, RiscPC memory editor Icebird 2000/05 RPC 14k get  info
Debugger V2.07, Debugger patch for ARM6/SA/FPA opcodes and more Darren Salt 2000/05 ARC 35k get
ExtBas V2.00, BASIC patch for ARM6/SA/FPA instructions, R04 compatible Darren Salt 2000/05 ARC 23k get  info
Squasher, makes selfextracting BASIC/Absolute files using Squash Topix 1999/11 ARC 7k get
Emu16, emulates 16bit Sound on 8bit RPCs Icebird 1999/06 RPC 5k get  info
Modes, generates and provides any requested screenmodes Icebird 1999/06 RPC 4k get  info
Tiler, test repeating textures (tiles) Icebird 1999/05 ARC 12k get
ZapHWord V0.02, !Zap editor extension: 16bit word editing mode Icebird 1999/04 ARC 4k get
Xasm V2.07, BBC BASIC inline asm extension: Z80/GB/6502/Chip8 Icebird 1998/12 ARC 25k get
uncrunch V0.01, depacks !Crunch-ed Absolute files baah/ARM'sTech 1998/02 ARC 2645 get
DeskHelp V6.28, various ARM assembler, Wimp coding helpers Archiologics 1997/04 ARC 24k get
ExtBas V1.74, BASIC/Debugger patch for ARM6/SA/FPA instructions   1997/03 ARC 23k get  info
OptPal, renders TrueColour pics to optimized 256 colours   1997/03 ARC 14k get
LZH/LZHD, modules for runtime compression/decompression   1996/05 ARC 15k get
Gamma, tool for creating RGB gamma tables/256col palettes   1995/12 RPC 49k get
Colour Cube, handy tool for managing the Archimedes 256col Palette   1993/08 ARC 34k get
CustomVDU V1.41, screenmode editor for Archimedes   1993/07 ARC 27k get
ArcTools, Memory editor and various memory/file tools   1993/06 ARC 80k get
Dissi, ARM Disassembler (SA patched) BASS 1992 ARC 64k get
LZW/LZWD, modules for runtime compression/decompression John Kortink 1990/10 ARC 5k get

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