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name author date sys size file
Codecraft #3 compo, all entries (21), +source   2001/09   199k get
Codecraft #2 compo, 8k entries (6), +source   2000/06   292k get
Codecraft #2 compo, 1k entries (30), +source   2000/06   214k get
Fishy, 15bpp rotzoom with RGB displacement, +source baah/ARM'sTech 2000/05 RPC 13k get
ShadeDots, some dizzy shade-dots thingy, +source baah/ARM'sTech 2000/01 RPC 5k get
Bilinear zoom, interpolated zoom, +source baah/ARM'sTech 1998/12 ARC 19k get
Textur Rotate (rotzoom) The Blue Ninja 1998/12 ARC 7k get
Delirium screensaver (demo effects) Kulture 1998/07 RPC 1732k get
EnvMap, Bump-Mapping (16 color dithered, 256 full color), +source baah/ARM'sTech 1998/04 ARC 61k get
HeliDemo preview (helicopter game) DFI 1998/04 RPC 183k get
Color Games - 3 Truecolour FX The Blue Ninja 1997/10 RPC 4k get
Exodus preview The Blue Ninja 1997/05 RPC 154k get
Misc_stuff, some decent fx+source DFI 1997/05 ARC 42k get
Small Basics   1997/03 ARC 167k get
RaySA, realtime sphere raytracing, +source baah/ARM'sTech 1997/02 RPC 8k get
tumble Acorn Computers 1997/02 RPC 10k get
CtrlLimit   1996/11 ARC 3k get
Dino Demo, walking dino TBA Software 1996/10 ARC 393k get
3Dstars, +source baah/ARM'sTech 1996/09 ARC 6k get
minifly (Voxelspace)   1996/08 ARC 169k get
Flyns Fly 1996/03 ARC 60k get
Flyre Fly 1996/03 ARC 13k get
Swars, StarWars scroller+source Fly 1996/03 ARC 16k get
Demo1-4 (4 vector fx)   1996/01 ARC 454k get
PoorJenny   1996/01 ARC 11k get
VOXEL   1996/01 RPC 97k get
doom_sp   1996/01 ARC 80k get
MacroLife   1995/09 ARC 181k get
WinStars   1995/08 ARC 7k get
Stars   1995/06 ARC 4k get
TranspGou   1995/06 RPC 39k get
fishfire   1995/06 ARC 25k get
DNA (Animation)   1995/05 ARC 555k get
Slip   1995/05 ARC 560k get
Warp   1995/05 ARC 2k get
Acorn (Animation)   1995/04 ARC 186k get
SWIRL   1995/04 ARC 3k get
Stift (Animation)   1995/04 ARC 48k get
Torus (Animation)   1995/04 ARC 295k get
AcornCeBIT Acorn Computers 1995/03 ARC 282k get
Flux (sound visualizer) Cathedrow 1995/03 ARC 52k get
TacRock   1995/03 ARC 9k get
VIEW3D   1995/03 ARC 48k get
FastFire   1995/01 RPC 13k get
Fire   1995/01 ARC 13k get
Bouncer (Animation)   1994/12 ARC 141k get
msdog   1994/12 ARC 70k get
Tech   1994/10 ARC 5k get
rotate Moving Pixels 1994/10 ARC 37k get
BillBorris (Animation)   1994/07 ARC 238k get
Voxeldemo   1994/07 ARC 5k get
ClickMe (Windows joke)   1994/06 ARC 74k get
Dinodemo (Animation)   1994/06 ARC 121k get
The Truth (Animation)   1994/06 ARC 166k get
REFLECTOR   1994/05 ARC 33k get
Dizzy Henley 1994/04 ARC 18k get
FracLand   1994/04 ARC 14k get
Virtual3D   1994/04 ARC 38k get
TextAway   1994/03 ARC 9k get
Walker (Animation)   1994/02 ARC 452k get
Pyramid   1994/01 ARC 10k get
Earth (rotating globe)   1993/12 ARC 74k get
Sand Arc 1993/11 ARC 2k get
Water   1993/11 ARC 2k get
Kirk Spock (Animation)   1993/09 ARC 164k get
Video (Animation)   1993/08 ARC 118k get
Droom   1993/07 ARC 21k get
Lines   1993/07 ARC 3k get
Space   1993/07 ARC 119k get
kwadra   1993/06 ARC 4k get
Atom   1993/04 ARC 3k get
Doppelp   1993/02 ARC 1k get
rotating3D paolo baerlocher 1992/12 ARC 77k get
Jack (Animation)   1992/11 ARC 214k get
Snowman (Animation)   1992/11 ARC 594k get
Brat (Animation)   1992/10 ARC 99k get
HiResSex Skyfall 1992/10 ARC 747k get
Snowstorm   1992/10 ARC 5k get
Strokes (Animation)   1992/10 ARC 19k get
A3010demo Acorn Computers 1992/07 ARC 213k get
CrazyLet BASS 1992/07 ARC 2k get
EscherS   1992/06 ARC 17k get
PANZER David Braben 1992/06 ARC 45k get
4DSolids John Hedley 1992/05 ARC 22k get
Kite   1992/02 ARC 0k get
3DLife Rabid Cat Software 1992/01 ARC 66k get
Balls M. Endberg 1992/01 ARC 5k get
Gnashers (Animation)   1992/01 ARC 31k get
Toyhorse (Animation)   1992/01 ARC 33k get
Locomo   1991/12 ARC 34k get
Magnet   1991/10 ARC 11k get
Feuerwerk   1991/09 ARC 3k get
Bubble-X (Animation)   1991/07 ARC 158k get
Drehung (Animation)   1991/07 ARC 198k get
Spin   1991/07 ARC 36k get
Würfel (Animation)   1991/07 ARC 125k get
A (Animation)   1991/05 ARC 401k get
Museum (Animation)   1991/05 ARC 250k get
Wellen2   1991/05 ARC 6k get
3D_RayPic ARMificial Intelligence 1991/04 ARC 11k get
Cebaslife (Animation)   1991/04 ARC 337k get
Froggy (Animation)   1991/04 ARC 92k get
Creature Comforts (Animation)   1991/02 ARC 169k get
EEEK (Animation)   1991/02 ARC 129k get
Gallop (Animation)   1991/02 ARC 121k get
Raycutter (Animation)   1991/02 ARC 84k get
wellen   1991/02 ARC 2k get
Pre2 ARMificial Intelligence 1991/01 ARC 22k get
AntiAmiga   1990/12 ARC 3k get
Star Trek Demo (Animation)   1990/12 ARC 216k get
BouncyNut   1990/11 ARC 22k get
Canada   1990/10 ARC 232k get
Peepshow (Animation)   1990/10 ARC 59k get
Mac (Animation)   1990/08 ARC 27k get
Message   1990/06 ARC 100k get
AsgAnim (Animation)   1990/05 ARC 11k get
bouncy   1990/05 ARC 5k get
Horror   1990/04 ARC 383k get
Moire   1990/03 ARC 5k get
Ray1 (picshow)   1990/03 ARC 217k get
Channel 4 M13 (Animation)   1990/01 ARC 254k get
LIFE   1990/01 ARC 10k get
3DLisax   1989/11 ARC 3k get
CathWheel   1989/10 ARC 3k get
Show Terminator (Animation) Odiesoft 1989/10 ARC 250k get
DigiMovie (Animation)   1989/09 ARC 404k get
Raydemo (Animation)   1989/08 ARC 202k get
Close Encounters (Animation)   1989/07 ARC 151k get
Mirrors (Animation)   1989/07 ARC 244k get
Molekuel (Animation)   1989/07 ARC 380k get
Soldier (Animation)   1989/07 ARC 195k get
Toy (Animation)   1989/07 ARC 154k get
Telly (Animation)   1989/06 ARC 25k get
Chips   1989/01 ARC 149k get

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