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name author date sys size file
Heartbeat GUS/ARM'sTech 1999/06 ARC 182k get
Ominouso, BASIC fun demo Junior/Icebird 1999/04 RPC 98k get
Far Beyond Reality Crescent 1999/02 SA 666k get
K2 DFI 1998/12 SA 913k get
Eden Devine Nature 1998/12 RPC 928k get
Mobius Kulture 1998/12 SA 1360k get
Reactivity Reactive 1998/12 RPC 1077k get
Zero Nutters 1998/12 SA 4196k get
Zero RPC patch (runs Zero without SA)     RPC 68k get
Digital Prophecy Sqouquo 1998/09 ARC 687k get
Iron Dignity 2 Frank Foehl 1998/09 RPC 4895k get
Ominico Idoru 1998/06 RPC 715k get  info
FishTank2 DFI 1997/12 RPC 479k get
xmas97 Sqouquo 1997/12 ARC 528k get
Infinity Reactive 1997/10 RPC 480k get
Interjam Icebird 1997/10 ARC 29k get  info
Desktop Dreams Quantum 1997/08 ARC 22k get
Freestyle Kulture 1997/07 RPC 1582k get
July DFI 1997/07 RPC 187k get
awakening Reactive 1997/07 RPC 600k get
digidemo Gerbilsoft 1997/07 SA 1314k get
fluoro Nutters 1997/07 RPC 1615k get
Era The Xperience 1997/06 ARC 1602k get
Fake Quake V1.11 update BASS 1997/06 RPC 37k get
Fake Quake V1.01 BASS 1997/05 RPC 614k get
Damn!wimp ARM'sTech 1997/04 ARC 12k get
Digital Prophecy Preview Sqouquo 1997/04 ARC 284k get
Iron Dignity v0.20 Frank Foehl 1997/04 RPC 1425k get
REISNAC Icebird 1997/04 SA 703k get  info
MetaMorph (SA compatible) Zarquon 1997/01 ARC 415k get
Jojo Archiologics 1996/12 ARC 344k get  info
Mesh DFI 1996/10 ARC 25k get
PeterC ARM'sTech 1996/10 ARC 173k get
Damn! ARM'sTech 1996/09 ARC 129k get
Icon Quantum 1996/09 RPC 1764k get
Jan 3D BASS 1996/09 RPC 376k get
Xtreme V1.05 final, SA fixed ARM's Tech/BASS/Eddie xxx/Excelsior 1996/09 ARC 4418k get
Vox BASS 1996/08 ARC 376k get
Signum Expression 1996/07 ARC 1068k get  info
FishTank DFI 1996/06 ARC 19k get
Placebo Crescent 1996/04 RPC 229k get
Zerblast The Obsessed Maniacs 1996/04 ARC 165k get
CakeHead2 ARM'sTech 1996/02 ARC 127k get
ARMed'96 AF Software 1996/01 RPC 443k get
Xtreme V1.02 beta ARM's Tech/BASS/Eddie xxx/Excelsior 1995/11 ARC 3986k get
Imperium Artchi 1995/07 ARC 266k get
BeetMeter ARM'sTech 1995/05 ARC 40k get
Ostern95 Archiologics/Icebird/Slompt 1995/04 ARC 270k get  info
Xcentric The Xperience 1995/04 ARC 477k get
Metamorph Zarquon 1995/03 ARC 416k get
RealFract Living Colour 1995/02 RPC 150k get
TerraDemo S.O.L. 1995/01 ARC 749k get
RealTime Living Colour 1994/12 RPC 328k get
Liquid Dreams Quantum 1994/10 ARC 733k get
Shading Armaxess 1994/10 RPC 74k get
EVERYBODY Armie and Bert 1994/08 ARC 949k get
Time's Up Xymox Project 1994/08 ARC 651k get
HereWeAre Asphyx/Yinyang 1994/07 ARC 456k get
Adept Daydream Software 1994/03 ARC 426k get
Adept (RPC patched) Daydream Software   RPC 426k get
BlackZone Sqouquo 1994/03 ARC 1299k get
T-Rex Slompt 1994/03 ARC 602k get
Teck Slompt 1994/03 ARC 279k get
Come and See Nophobia 1994/02 ARC 268k get
X-joins-X The Xperience 1994/02 ARC 228k get
cMEMC Matrix 1994/02 ARC 379k get
Big Mouth Archiologics 1994/01 ARC 53k get
Revolutif ARM'sTech 1994/01 ARC 40k get
S_Part Slompt 1994/01 ARC 178k get
Slompt Slompt 1994/01 ARC 604k get
ShadeLine/TMap Armaxess 1994 RPC 229k get
SighSly Byte Pool Productions 1993/11 ARC 356k get
SLOMPT_S Slompt 1993/09 ARC 107k get
Slompt NEON Slompt 1993/06 ARC 51k get

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