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2000/06/28 Added Tiler, tool for testing repeating textures (tiles) file get
2000/06/28 Added ExtBas V2.01b, BASIC patch for ARM6/SA/FPA instructions file get
2000/06/28 Added Debugger V2.07, Debugger patch for ARM6/SA/FPA instructions file get
2000/06/28 Added Xtreme demo V1.05, SA fixed (more or less) file get
2000/06/23 Added some files in the Tools section news go!
2000/06/19 Acorn Demo Groups, news and memberlists, issue 2000/06 CR read
2000/06/19 New Download section: Demo Coding Tools news go!
2000/06/19 Added Heartbeat demo, GUS release 1999/06 file get
2000/06/10 finally online text read
2000/06/10 Coding article: ARM FPU Tutorial v1.02 CR read  get
2000/06/07 Codecraft #2 compo, 8k entries (6), MrStikman entry updated! file get
2000/06/07 Codecraft #2 compo, 1k entries (30), Nebenwelt entry updated! file get
2000/06/06 Worship, CC#2 entry by baah/ARM'sTech, new version with music! file get
2000/06/06 Codecraft #2 competition is over text read
2000/06/06 Codecraft #2 compo, 2k entries (12) file get
2000/06/06 Nebenwelt 4k intro by Icebird, entry to CC#2 compo, (filetypes fixed version!) file get  info
2000/06/05 Coding article: StrongARM instruction timings CR read
2000/06/05 Acorn News Site went online: The Icon Bar text read
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