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Acorn Demos date sys size file
4kbt - 4 kilobyte mit bild und ton, Codecraft #3 entry 2001/09 RPC 4k get  info
Demo6401, 1k intro for CodeCraft #3, Topix coproduction 2001/09 ARC 10k get  info
Nebenwelt 4k intro, Codecraft #2 entry 2000/06 SA 20k get  info
Sp_dizzz, plugin for !Spectrum visual sound analyzer 1999/10 ARC 14k get  info
STO? 4k intro, 1st place at Codecraft competition 1999/07 RPC 14k get  info
Wizsphere, prerelease of Junior's puzzle game 1999/07 RPC 119k get
Breed, artdisc - msx by Skid and gfx by Gizmo, MS2k-1 release 1999/04 SA 2069k get
Ominouso, BASIC demo by Junior 1999/04 RPC 98k get
Papa, 1 pic slideshow by Gizmo, entry to MS2k-1 Gfx compo 1999/04 RPC    
Interjam party quick release intro 1997/10 ARC 29k get  info
REISNAC, 2nd place of SILIconvention demo compo 1997/04 SA 703k get  info
SILIconvention party 97 invitation intro 1997/02 ARC 80k get  info
Yelling Jam 96 Invitation Intro 1996/09 ARC 19k get
Ostern95, Fried Bits 3 quickrelease - Archiologics/Icebird/Slompt coproduction 1995/04 ARC 270k get  info
Acorn tools date sys size file
ZapDis65 V0.01, Zap 6502/65816 disassembling mode, prerelease 2000/11 ARC 7k get  info
BigBrother V2.00, displays debugging info etc. in mouse pointer 2000/09 RPC 22k get  info
Medit V1.00, RiscPC memory editor by eRdgEiSt, RO3.7 fixed 2000/09 RPC 16k get  info
BasDir, coding tool, provides Basic$Dir like Obey$Dir 2000/05 ARC 816 get  info
IRC Chess, let's you play chess over the internet via IRC 1999/07 ARC 22k get
Emu16, emulates 16bit Sound on 8bit RPCs, Codecraft 1k entry 1999/06 RPC 5k get  info
Modes, generates and provides any requested screenmodes, CC 1k entry 1999/06 RPC 4k get  info
Mp32wav, converts MP3 to WAV using AMPlayer, CC 1k entry 1999/06 RPC 2k get  info
ZapHWord V0.02, !Zap editor extension: 16bit word editing mode 1999/04 ARC 4k get
Icebird console division releases date sys size file
Kunterbunt, Gameboy Advanced intro, JPEG+plasma 2001/04 GBA 13k get  info
Tiler, test repeating textures (tiles) 1999/05 ARC 12k get
GBdebug, Gameboy ROM image manipulation 1999/03 ARC 11k get
GB ROM image file format documentation, V0.01 1999/03 text 1k get
Xasm V2.07, BBC BASIC inline asm extension: Z80/GB/6502/Chip8 1998/12 ARC 25k get
Dawn, our 2nd demo for GB 1998/08 GB 31k get
SNEStool, SNES ROM image manipulation 1998/05 ARC 5k get
SNES 65816 Crossassembler, Acorn port 1998/05 ARC 134k get  info
SNES 65816 Disassembler, Acorn port 1998/05 ARC 87k get  info
HotGameboy demo, released at Mekka/Symposium 98 1998/04 GB 16k get
preview of Dino'sQuest Jump'n'Run for Gameboy color 1998/04 GBC 7k get
Graphics by Gizmo/Icebird date size file
Blur, entry to SILIconvention Gfx compo 1997/04   58k get
Papa, entry to Mekka/Symposium 2k-1 Gfx compo 1997/04   191k get
ASCII art collections and misc stuff date size file
Tokyo2021ad, cyberpunk shortstory by Lotek Style aka MC Laser 2000/07   9k get  info
Lotek Style aka MC Laser, selected asciian works 1996-2000 2000/07   7k get
ascii art collection 1995-2000 by mrhill 2000/07   6k get  info

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