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date Information file
2001/10/04 CC3 is over now, voting results online!  
2001/09/04 Download all CC3 entries in one archive (199k) get
2001/09/04 cc3 is over, last entries added and voting started read
2001/08/29 added 4k entry: vox4kdemo  
2001/08/03 added some entries: BinFlare, Boing, Brainf, shine  
2001/06/25 updated with new entries by pt, baah, armoric - sorry for the delay  
2001/06/20 Deadline moved again read
2001/06/11 Deadline moved to 2001/06/17  
2001/06/08 Some new 1k entries  
2001/06/08 Updated entries: Lyt (1k demo), Booter (2k tool)  
2001/05/30 2 new entries: Lyt (1k demo), Booter (2k tool)  
2001/04/29 New Deadline: 2001/06/10 read
2001/04/29 New 1k entry: rmccdemo from Richard Murray get  info
2001/02/07 Updated Gordon Munro's blanka entry get  info
2001/02/04 New 2k Tool entry: blanka from Gordon Munro  
2001/01/26 New 2k Tool entries: CopyMove and reBASIC from GUS  
2001/01/17 New 1k entry: SillyGame get  info
2001/01/11 Codecraft #3 1k invitation intro get  info
2001/01/04 Codecraft #3 announcement v1.10 read  get
2001/01/04 Codecraft #3 announcement v1.00 read  get


For each category you had to vote for your three favourite entries. For every vote the first place was given 3 points, the second 2 and the third 1 point.

We received 29 valid votes, giving the following results.

     1k Game and Demo

1st Place 31pts shine by Tom Thorne
2nd Place 29pts PinsInSpace by Pervect/Topix
3rd Place 20pts Demo6401 by Icebird and Topix
     2k Tool

1st Place 39pts reBASIC by GUS
  39pts booter by Jeffrey Lee
2nd Place 32pts brainf by baah/ARM'sTech
3rd Place 24pts CopyMore by GUS
     4k Game and Demo

1st Place 69pts blunt by pt/DFI
2nd Place 53pts 4kbt by Exoticorn/Icebird
3rd Place 52pts vox4kdemo by Jeffrey Lee

Not to forget the ranax entry by Gordon Munro in the 4kb music category. Unfortunately there were no more entries... Thanks to all the Codecraftsmen who contributed to this CodeCraft!

1k Demo/Game entries author date size file
Demo6401 - dedicated to Address Exception Topix&Icebird 2001/08/31 10k get  info
PinsInSpace - 1k desktop fx Pervect/Topix 2001/08/31 18k get  info
shine - nice 1k fx Tom Thorne 2001/07/21 6k get  info
boing - 1k entry baah/ARM'sTech 2001/06/15 3049 get  info
BinFlare - 1k entry Armoric/ARM'sTech 2001/06/11 21k get  info
ASphere - rotating Kümmel 2001/06/08 20k get  info
Sort1k - sort algorithms, graphical NoMercy 2001/06/08 1451 get  info
linetic - Worms like 1k game Gordon Munro 2001/06/08 8k get  info
lyt - 1k desktop demo (updated) Jeffrey Lee 2001/06/08 7k get  info
rmccdemo - 1k demo Richard Murray 2001/04/29 21k get  info
SillyGame - silly basic game Steve Revill 2001/01/15 930 get  info
Bilizo - first entry! cc3 invitation 1k-tro Kümmel 2001/01/09 11k get  info
2k Tool entries author date size file
brainf - 1k entry baah/ARM'sTech 2001/06/14 8k get  info
booter - load all your !Sprites (updated) Jeffrey Lee 2001/06/08 2354 get  info
blanka - use demos as screensaver Gordon Munro 2001/02/07 6k get  info
reBASIC - find hidden BASIC programms GUS 2001/01/26 4k get  info
CopyMove - swaps Copy and Move in Filer GUS 2001/01/26 5k get  info
4k Demo/Game entries author date size file
4kbt - 4 kilobyte mit bild und ton Exoticorn/Icebird 2001/08/31 4k get  info
vox4kdemo - 4k voxelspace Jeffrey Lee 2001/08/29 18k get  info
blunt - 4k intro PT 2001/08/28 20k get  info
4k Executable Music entries author date size file
ranax - 2554 byte music collection Gordon Munro 2001/08/31 5k get  info

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