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Demo Review: Sto 4k intro by exoticorn/icb                            2000/05/29
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                                pt/dfi

Sto was a last minute entry in the Codecraft 4k competition.

System Requirements...

Since Sto adjusts the gamma tables, a RiscOS 3.5+ machine with a Vidc20 is
required - ie a RiscPC or A7000. Memory requirements are... well it's a 4k intro
so who cares!

The effects...

Fading down from white, a little introductory text is displayed over a rotating
explosion type effect that makes my eyes hurt.
Next up is the 'hot lady' spinning around on a shifting background. The
appealing !Draw path changes the background colours as it zooms about the screen.

A quick fade leads into the main routine - a 2D 'meta ball' effect. Perhaps
inspired by those seen in Era by TXP, this goes through pure intensity plotting
and light sourced bump map, to light sourced ripples.

The curvacious lady makes a final appearance to bring things to a close.


Everything in Sto blends nicely together - the effects are well presented and
Sto won a deserved first place in the competition. For criticism, I can only
mention the simplicity of the effects in comparison to the 3D Escape, and a minor
bug in the meta ball sections (at 10 minutes to the deadline such things aren't

   | -^deMo RaTing^-       . -^facts^-                 -^credits^-
 __!_______________________!_________________________.________________ __ _
   |                       |                         |
   | CoDing  - ooooo.....  | name     : Sto          | code: Exoticorn/icb
   | gRaphIx - oolala....  | group    : Icebird      |
   | mUSix   - ..........  | category : 4k intro     |
   | deZiGn  - ooooooo...  | discspace: 4k
   | oVeRaLL - oooooo....  | system   : ARM610/2MB/RO3.5

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